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Ginkgo leaf extract

  • 4/29/2015 2:30:13 PM
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Name: Ginkgo leaf extract

Functional ingredient: Flavone

Content: 24%

Appearance: Fine powder

Particle size: 80 mesh

Heavy metal: <20ppm

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Ginkgo leaf extract - Brief Introduction:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

  1. Ginkgo biloba is one of the world’s oldest living tree species.
  2. Ginkgo seed has been listed as a source of medicine since the early Chinese herbals.
  3. The leaf has been recommended for medicinal uses as early as 1509 and is still used in the form of teas.
  4. Standardized leaf extract was first manufactured and marketed in Europe as a medicine for cardiovascular disease and now available in the United States as a dietary supplement.

Ginkgo leaf extract - Function:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

  1. Mainly used as memory and concentration enhancer, and anti-vertigo agent;
  2. Increase blow flow to the blood vessels for better blood circulation to the various organs of the body;
  3. Blood fat and dense amelioration; anti-cardiovascular disease; Anti-aging, eliminate free radical.

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