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Ginseng extract

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Name: Ginseng extract

Latin name: Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.

Functional ingredient: Ginsenoside

Content: 5%~85%

Appearance: Fine powder

Particle size: 80 mesh

Heavy metal: <20ppm

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Ginseng extract - Brief Introduction:plant extract, botanical extract, herbal extract

This appearance of Ginseng root  is yellow brown, dry root,  .mainly grown in north chin, changbaishan is the main producing area.. And we often use this dry root for medicine.. The index for heavy metals and pesticide residue are all meeting European Standards and Chinese Pharmacopoeia.  Healthy for eating and as medicine.

Ginseng extract - Function:plant extract, botanical extract, herbal extract

  1. Ginseng root is top grade tonic for both men and women.

  2. Ginseng root could strenghen yang, and nourish yin.

  3. Ginseng root could tonify kidney, good for sex.

Ginseng extract - Quality Standard:plant extract, botanical extract, herbal extract

Items Enterprise Standard
Abbreviation: Ginseng root
Color: Yellow Brown
Plant Source: Ginseng root
Certification: SGS, Bureau Veritas, QS, HALAL, Kosher
Active Ingredient: Ratio P.E 25Kg/ drum (Support customization)
Purity: 10:1

Storage condition: Store it in dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.


Fine Powder

Shelf Life: If the storage condition attains as mentioned above, shelf life is two years from production date. Once opened, should seal up again and use within six months.

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