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Hawthorn extract

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Name:Hawthorn extract

Functional ingredient:Flavone


Appearance:Fine powder

Particle size:80 mesh

Heavy metal:<20ppm

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Hawthorn extract - Brief Introduction:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

Chinese hawthorn fruit extract is made from the tiny red berries that grow on the Hawthorne shrub (Crataegus oxyacantha). Hawthorne berriesas well as the leaves and flowershave been used in traditional medical systems since ancient times.Hawthorne berry extract is widely used as a heart tonic, particularly in Europe.

Hawthorn extract - Function:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

  1. It dilates the arteries that supply the heart muscle itself with blood, oxygen, and fuel, roviding a better supply of these essential nutrients. This results, with continued use, in a stronger, more efficient heart beat.
  2. It acts as a powerful free-radical scavenger, protecting the heart against the harmful effects of lessened oxygen; a common result of vascular disease, such as atherosclerosis.
  3. It can help steady the heartbeat if it is irregular, and does not lead to dependence.
  4. It has mild sedative activity, which may be useful where mild heart disease is combined with nervousness, hypochondria, etc., in which case it can be combined with lavender or lemonbalm.

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