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Horny goat weed extract

  • 4/29/2015 4:25:22 PM
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Name:Horny goat weed extract

Functional ingredient:Icariin


Appearance:Fine powder

Particle size:80 mesh

Heavy metal:<20ppm

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Horny goat weed extract - Brief Introduction:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

Icariin is a flavonoid glycoside compound derived from several species of plants in the Epimedium family, which are commonly known as Horny Goat Weed or Yin Yang Huo. Extracts from these plants are reputed to produce aphrodisiac effects, and are commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine to enhance erectile function, as well as for several other indications.

Horny goat weed extract - Function:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

  1. Enhances sexual functions traditionally, and researches show that Icariin can enhance erectile functions.
  2. Benefits kidneys and removes rheumatisms
  3. Prevents osteoporosis
  4. Prevents menopause and high blood pressure.
  5. Strengthens the immunity ablity.
  6. Increases coronal pulse flowing, and accelerates spermatic fluid.
  7. To boost libido and treat erectile dysfunction.
  8. To reduce blood pressure and blood sugar
  9. To reduce beta-lipoprotein and cholesterin
  10. Anti inflammation and increase immunity

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