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Lac Dye Red

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Lac Dye Red is a natural food color extracted from the female insect Laccifer lacca which is attach to legume and mulberry plants, by the process of extracting with weak sodium carbonate solution and refining. The main composition is laccaic acid A and laccaic acid B、C、D、E etc.

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Lac Dye Red - Characteristics:natural dye, natural pigment, natural color

The appearance of normal Lac Dye Red is bright red powder, can dissolve in ethanol and propanediol, slightly dissolve in water, not in cottonseed oil. The appearance of water soluble lac dye is brown powder, and can completely dissolve in purified water. The shade of color solution is different when PH changes, it’s reddish orange when PH is between 3~5,red to purplish red color when PH is between 5~7, it’s purplish red when PH is more than 7.It has excellent resistance to light and heat in acid medium, but not in alkali medium. It can be influenced by metal ions, especially ferric ion. Before using water soluble Lac Dye Red, appropriate quantity of purified water must be used for dissolving Lac Dye Red before adding into food or beverage.

Lac Dye Red - Quality Standard:natural dye, natural pigment, natural color


Enterprise Standard

Normal Product

Water soluble


Bright Red Powder

Brown Powder

Color Value E(1%、1cm、490±3nm)



Loss on Drying                      %  Less than



Ash                             %  Less than






Lead(as Pb)                     mg/kg  Less than



Arsenic(as As)               mg/kg  Less than



Pathogenic Bacteria



Applications Usage Instruction(in compliance with GB2760:Hygienic standards for uses of food additives)

Lac Dye Red can be widely used in beverages of fruit and vegetable juice (pulp), fruit-flavoured beverages, soda pop, compound seasonings, jam, cocoa products, fillings for bakery wares, chocolates and chocolate products, imitation wine.

When use normal Lac Dye Red, should dissolve the color with a small amount of ethanol or propanediol first, and then mix the color solution with food materials.

Before use Water Soluble Lae Dye Red, a small amount of purified water must be used for dissolving the color first, and then mix the color solution with food materials

Usage Reference(in compliance with GB2760:Hygienic standards for uses of food additives)

The maximum usage limit for all products is 0.5g/kg.

Lac Dye Red - Package:natural dye, natural pigment, natural color

Powder is packed with corrugated box, carton, or plastic drum with inner double plastic bags, net weight is 10kg or 20kg for each container. Liquid is packed with plastic drum, net weight is 20kg.Package standards are also available according to consumer‵s demand.

Lac Dye Red - Storage:natural dye, natural pigment, natural color

Sealed, avoid light, store in a cool and dry place.

Lac Dye Red - Shelf Life:natural dye, natural pigment, natural color

If the storage condition attains as mentioned above, powder is two years from production date. Once opened, should seal up again and use within six months.

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