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Soybean extract

  • 4/29/2015 4:49:27 PM
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Name: Soybean extract

Functional ingredient: Isoflavone

Content: 80%

Appearance: Fine powder

Particle size: 80 mesh

Heavy metal: <20ppm

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Soybean extract - Brief Introduction:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

Soy Isoflavones are biologically active substances from non-genetically modified soybeans refined. It is an important physiological activities with a variety of natural nutritional factors, natural plant estrogen, easily absorbed, quickly nutrition.

The estrogen affect hormone secretion, metabolism biological activity, protein synthesis, growth factor activity.

Soybean extract - Function:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

  1. Prevent women climacteric syndrome and improve osteoporosis;
  2. Prevent breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and degenerative brain disorder;
  3. The action of Hairdressing and delay senility;
  4. Improve menstrual discomfort, the quality of sexual life and reduce cholesterol.

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