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Hops Extract

  • 4/30/2015 2:35:43 PM
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Name:Hops Extract

Functional ingredient:Flavone


Appearance:Fine powder

Particle size:80 mesh

Heavy metal:<20ppm

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Hops Extract - Brief Introduction:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

Hops are the female flower clusters (commonly called seed cones or strobiles), of a hop species, Humulus lupulus. They are used primarily as a flavoring and stability agent in beer, to which they impart a bitter, tangy flavor, though hops are also used for various purposes in other beverages and herbal medicine.

Xanthohumol (XN) is a prenylated flavonoid found naturally in the flowering hop plant (Humulus lupulus) which is commonly used to make the alcoholic beverage known as beer. Xanthohumol is one of the major constituents of Humulus lupulus. Xanthohumol has been reported to have sedative property, Antiinvasive effect, estrogenic activity, cancer-related bioactivities, antioxidant activity, stomachic effect, antibacterial and antifungal effects in recent studies. However, the pharmacological functions of xanthohumol on platelets were not yet understood, we are interested in investigating the inhibitory effects of xanthohumol on cellular signal transduction during the process of platelet activation.

Hops Extract - Function:Plant Extract, Botanical Extract, Herbal Extract, Natural Antioxidant

  1. With the function of antibacterial, it can inhibit the growth of various bacteria. Such as bacillus anthracis, bacillus, corynebacterium diphtheriae, diplococcus pneumoniae and staphylococcus aureus;
  2. With the function of composure, owning composed hypnotic effects to the central nervous system;
  3. With a strong estrogen-like effect;
  4. Beer hops extract is beneficial for insomnia and nervousness;
  5. Beer hops extract is valuable as a support for the nervous system;
  6. Beer hops extract can also help to stimulate appetite , dispel flatulence, and relieve intestinal cramps;
  7. It can be usefully combined with valerian for coughs and nervous spasmodic conditions;
  8. Beer hops extract also has diuretic properties and can be taken for various problems with water retention and excess uric acid;
  9. The hormonal effect of hops extract were noticed when female gatherers of the plants got their menstrual cycles early.

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